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Svend Andersen October 2001: a true craftsman with the heart of a humanist.

Francois-Henry Bennahmias February 2002: President of Audemars Piguet NA, on the opening of the new consolidated AP US service center

Maximilian Busser November 2002: Managing Director of Harry Winston Ultimate Timepiece SA Geneva

Vincent Calabrese October 2001: an intriguing watchmaker, a man with innovative ideas and strong convictions, often irreverent, always interesting.

Carlos Dias September 2004 CEO Manufacture Roger Dubuis

Philippe Dufour October 2001 on his views of the art of watchmaking

Paul Gerber December 2001: Master of Miniaturization and co-creator of the World's Most Complicated Wristwatch

Richard Habring November 2004: A True Watchmaker with an interesting past and a bright future

Nicolas G. Hayek, April, 2003: Perspectives on Management and Entrepreneurship

Nicolas G. Hayek, March 2006: La Tradition, and the Making of New Traditions

Francois-Paul Journe December 2002: Bright star of the new generation of watchmakers

Francois-Paul Journe Sept 2003: An updated visit with Francois-Paul

Georges Kern Sept 2003: CEO, International Watch Company

Kurt Klaus April 2003: The genuis behind the IWC Perpetual Calendar Chronograph

Fabien Krone Oct 2006: Two and a Half Years later...

Fabien Krone May 2004: CEO (since May 2004) of Lange Uhren GmbH

Hartmut Knothe September 2002: CEO of Lange Uhren GmbH

Jerome Lambert: March 2003: Directeur General, Jaeger-LeCoultre

Eric Loth Oct 2002: CEO of The British Masters

Cesar Jean-Mairet June 2006: The Man behind Jean-Mairet & Gillman

Peter Speake-Marin April 2004: A British Master Watchmaker
Carries on the English Tradition in Switzerland

Georges-Henri Meylan April 2004: Managing Director, Audemars Piguet SA

Richard Mille April 2002: New millennia techniques and Formula One inspiration - no false histories here

Thierry Nataf October 2006: an updated conversation with the President and CEO of Zenith International S.A.

Thierry Nataf February 2003: President and CEO of Zenith International S.A.

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Ludwig Oechslin October 2002: transcript of presentation on 'The Ethics and Philosophy of the Restoration of Watches'
transcript courtesy of Magnus Bosse  

Claude-Daniel Proellochs October 2004: On plans for Vacheron Constantin's 250th Anniversary celebration

Claude-Daniel Proellochs October 2004: about the new Vacheron Constantin Overseas line

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Claude-Daniel Proellochs August 2002: Guardian of a quarter millennium heritage

Daniel Roth May 2004 - a History and Interview

Karl Scheufele January 2003: President, Chopard SA

Roger W Smith October 2002: a very special and accomplished Master Watchmaker on the Isle of Man

Philippe Stern November 2003: President, Patek Philippe

Andreas Strehler October 2001: one of tomorrow's hottest stars.

Severin Wunderman August 2003: The Man with the Horological Golden Touch.


Owner, Unique piece JLC enamel artwork Reverso: A look into the workings of this gentle madness.

Four Owners, Philippe Dufour Simplicity: A rare, joyous occurrence - the simultaneous delivery of four Ph. Dufour Simplicity's

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